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Can Electric Vehicles Be Towed Like Regular Cars? Debunking the Myths

Can Electric Vehicles Be Towed Like Regular Cars? Debunking the Myths

June 6, 2024
Mathew Hayden
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Imagine you're driving your new electric vehicle (EV) when it suddenly stops. As you call for a tow truck, a question nags at you: Can electric vehicles be towed like regular cars? This common query springs from the numerous myths surrounding electric vehicle towing. 

Understanding these differences is crucial for extending your vehicle's life, ensuring safety, and maintaining warranty standards.

Understanding Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Design

At the core of electric vehicle towing considerations are the unique design elements of EVs. Unlike traditional vehicles, EVs are built around an electric drivetrain and a complex battery system. These components are integral to how EVs operate, including how they harness energy through regenerative braking. This system, which captures kinetic energy during braking and converts it back to electrical energy, can complicate towing procedures.

EV Design

The design of EVs means that towing them using conventional methods can lead to significant mechanical and electrical system damage. This is why understanding the underlying technology is paramount for any tow operator or vehicle owner.

Common Myths about Towing Electric Vehicles

EV Towing Myths

One major myth is that "You can tow an EV just like a gas-powered car." This is not just inaccurate; it's potentially harmful advice. Towing an EV improperly can not only damage the EV battery but may also engage the regenerative braking system unintentionally, causing additional strain on the electrical systems.

Safe Towing Practices

To debunk another myth, "Towing an EV can damage its battery irreversibly," it's crucial to follow safe towing practices. Most EV manufacturers provide specific guidelines on how to tow their vehicles without causing damage, emphasizing the need for careful handling.

How to Tow Electric Vehicles Properly

Flatbed Towing

The safest way to tow an EV is to use a flatbed truck. This method ensures that all four wheels are off the ground, preventing the electric drivetrain from engaging. For EVs like those with all-wheel drive configurations, this is particularly important to avoid damaging the drivetrain components.

Manufacturer Towing Guidelines

Always consult the EV owner’s manual for manufacturer towing guidelines. Each model may have specific instructions or restrictions on how it should be towed, and adhering to these guidelines is essential to protecting your vehicle's warranty and functionality.

Potential Risks When Improperly Towing EVs

EV Towing Risks

Improper towing methods can lead to numerous risks, such as damaging the EV battery or the drivetrain. These damages not only lead to costly repairs but may also invalidate your EV warranty.

Professional EV Towing

To mitigate these risks, it's advisable to contact professional EV towing services. Professionals are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to handle your EV correctly, ensuring that it remains in good working condition even after being towed.

Considerations for Towing Electric Vehicles

Understanding EV-Specific Features

Electric vehicles often feature advanced technological systems that are sensitive to standard towing methods. Systems like autonomous driving software and sophisticated onboard diagnostics can be affected by improper towing, leading to additional complications beyond physical damage.

EV Technology and Towing Compatibility

Tow truck operators and EV owners must understand that EVs' technological features, such as software updates and electronic control units, require specific handling procedures during towing to prevent data corruption or system malfunctions.

The Future of EV Towing

Towing Technology

As EVs become more prevalent, the technology and services for towing them are advancing. Future developments might include mobile EV charging solutions and specialized EV roadside assistance programs that cater specifically to the needs of electric vehicles.

EV Roadside Assistance

These advancements will not only make towing safer and more efficient but will also enhance the overall service experience for EV owners, ensuring they receive the best care in emergencies.


Understanding how to properly tow an electric vehicle is essential for maintaining its integrity and functionality. Debunking the myths around electric vehicle towing and adhering to expert advice and manufacturer guidelines can save EV owners unnecessary headaches and expenses. If you're unsure about the proper procedures, always lean on the side of caution and consult with professional towing services that specialize in EVs. 

Remember, when it comes to towing your investment, knowledge and professionalism matter. Don't hesitate to contact our team for specialized electric vehicle towing services that prioritize your vehicle's safety and peace of mind.

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